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Chef Nathália Crepaldi has always admired the indigenous culture, in her postgraduate course she has deepened her knowledge of indigenous Brazilian culinary techniques. From these studies, she perceived the regularity of the word Pindorama that comes from the Tupi, Earth / Place / of the palms, "spectacle of the palms", land free of evils, region of the palms.


Because she was very fond of Brazilian cuisine, indigenous culture and, having studied gastronomy in Italy, she and her partner, Marcos Vaccari Gomes, decided to unite these factors, honor Brazil and put the name of Pindorama, to the establishment in which they would market their products, the craft masses. They produce all their pasta with a lot of study, a combination of Brazilian flavors and other places and artisan producers. So always present something new, full of flavor, leaving your customers curious for the next novelty.

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